Drake and Shaquille O'Neal assist in NBA All-Star dunk contest

By Paige Paswaters,
'ooh kill em'

Marco Belinelli took home the trophy for the 3-point contest after he and Bradley Beal were forced into a tiebreaker. Belinelli got hot at the end of his third round, and it was too much for Beal to follow. Nelly was in attendance, and he held back no emotions while he enjoyed the show courtside. But, the biggest highlight of the night was the dunk contest.

The All-Stars incorporated celebrities such as Drake and Shaquille O'Neal into their dunks in the hopes of winning, but ultimately it was John Wall who came out on top -- quite literally. Wall perfected his dunk on the first try. According to ESPN, Wall said casually that it was only his second time trying the dunk. The first time he tried it was a few days prior and he did it, no problem, so he is 2-for-2 in his dunk and walked away with the trophy just like that. He even delivered a victory dance for us immediately after.

Following behind the champion was Sacramento King's Ben McLemore and Toronto Raptor's Terrence Ross. McLemore elegantly came out with Shaq by his side and a scribe to introduce him, medieval style. Shaq sat on a throne as big as he is, and after a few attempts McLemore was able to nail it. Ross, on the other hand, chose a more intimidating approach by walking the court with Drake. Drake held the ball still for an assist to Ross, and too, this took him time to get. USA Today Sports shares that Drake serves as a global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. Despite having the celebrities on their side, the multiple attempts from both McLemore and Ross ultimately cost them the crown for the dunk contest.

Kendrick Lamar was a featured performer at this year's NBA All-Star game.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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