Edible marijuana poses problems for Colorado regulators

By Amanda Stewart,

Officials are beginning to realize that edible marijuana products are rather hard to regulate.

Colorado citizens have been converting every type of food imaginable into an edible high, according to Food World News. Everything from pot brownies to candy to granola bars are being baked with added marijuana.

However, this is raising many questions as well as causing a few problems. First, how are officials supposed to regulate edible marijuana? Second, how will doctors and other officials be able to monitor the health effects?

Experts say that new problems and challenges are going to arise each day, according to ABC News.

Edible marijuana is made for those who do not like smoking, coughing or choking on marijuana smoke. People also use it in places that do not allow smoking so that they can be discrete.

Doctors are concerned that people may eat one too many brownies or one too many granola bars that contain the drug and overdose. While smoking marijuana can cause an almost immediate high, it takes more food [or so they think] to get high.

It will be hard to regulate the edible cannabis, but Colorado officials say that they have to make up some rules as they go. After all, legal recreational marijuana is very new to the country.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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