Ellen Page announcement inspiring and proves Hollywood is going modern

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Ellen Page has announced that she is gay in a public speech. Page broke the news during a very emotional and expressive speech this past Friday in a packed conference hall in Las Vegas.

CNN reports the Juno actress was speaking at an event for LGBT members of the community called Time to THRIVE.

The speech was honest and showed that Page was ready to be public with her lifestyle choices but was is most newsworthy from this announcement was the instant support that happened from fans and fellow actors in Hollywood. It is no longer taboo in this community to come out, if anything it swells instant support for the person who is making this change in their lives and is brave enough to make that announcement. Being openly gay in Hollywood or sports is becoming more acceptable and it is less and less shocking because of social norms being very open and embracing all different kinds of lifestyles. Hate will always be a factor, especially with message boards and the Internet but the love is starting to fight back.

Being gay is not shocking. Yes, it has made headlines all around the world that Page made such a large announcement to the world but when it comes down to it, she is just embracing the life that she wants to live and when she shows up on set again for work on her next movie, she is still the same person she was on Thursday. This announcement doesn’t change who Page is as a person in Hollywood, it only makes her a part of a larger community that is growing and starting to be accepted worldwide.

When Page stood on that stage and made her powerful speech, she was representing the voices of many generations who are only hoping to be able to be who they are as people. She wasn’t a Hollywood superstar; she was just adding her voice to an ever-growing community and had a simple message; which was to respect and embrace others around themselves instead of attacking one another.

Yes, Page made gossips headlines and headlines around the world but the hate was shut down by the love that poured in from fans and Hollywood actors alike. She inspired others and reminded fans all around to be who they are.

Watch the speech here:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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