Endangered whale had 280 feet of fishing line caught in mouth

By Joy Perrone,

Wildlife experts saved the life of an endangered whale off the coast of Georgia who had 280 feet of fishing rope caught in its mouth.

It was an uncomfortable situation for an endangered whale earlier this week, who found himself dragging hundreds of feet of commercial fishing line off the coast of Georgia, reports The Independent . A navy aerial crew spotted the whale tangled in the fishing line and immediately notified wildlife experts.

The Mirror reports that experts from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission began a fast rescue because whales are extremely endangered, with only 450 living in the wild. Whales are spotted near Florida and Georgia this time of year as they take advantage of the warm water to give birth to their calves.

The team was able to cut almost all of the line but were forced to leave 20 feet still in the mouth of the whale, for fear of coming too close with the cutting machine and hurting the animal.

Experts hope that whale will be able to free itself of the remaining line.

Watch a video of the rescue below.



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