Ethiopian woman punished after being gang-raped in Sudan

By Victoria Greene,

An Ethiopian teenager who was gang-raped in Sudan has been charged with “indecent acts”.

The 18-year-old, who was reportedly three months pregnant at the time, was house-hunting in Sudan when she was lured into an empty house and assaulted. Her attack was recorded and posted online.

According to BBC, the woman was arrested after the video of her assault was circulated on various social media sites.

Following the circulation of the video, the attackers were sentenced to whipping. Three of the admitted assailants received 100 lashes for adultery, while two who posted the video received 40 lashes.

The victim was given a one month jail sentence, which was suspended due to her pregnancy, and fined 5,000 Sudanese pounds, nearly $900, according to the NY Daily News. She was also charged with adultery and prostitution, which could have led to death by stoning. However, these charges were dropped when her lawyer managed to convince the court that she is divorced.

The Sudanese follow Sharia, which is the moral codes and religious laws of a religion, most often associated with Islam.



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