Evgeni Plushenko withdraws from Winter Olympics and retires

By Kyle Johnson,

Figure skater Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the Sochi Winter Olympics on Thursday and on top of that, he retired from competitive skating. He goes out after helping Russia win a gold medal in team skating over the weekend.

As his name was called for the individual skating competition, Plushenko backed out for medical reasons and anyone present could see why, according to The Washington Post.

While warming up, the 31-year-old did not look OK and tried massaging his back after bending over for an extended period of time. Instead of trying to compete, he decided to withdraw just ahead of his turn.

He talked with the judges and then turned and waved to the crowd as the news of him backing out was revealed. Plushenko has had 12 surgeries, with the latest being on his back one year ago.

The figure skater hurt himself on Wednesday while practicing. "I think it's God saying, 'Evgeni, enough, enough with skating," Plushenko said, reports The Associated Press. "Age, it's OK. But I have 12 surgeries. I'd like to be healthy."

His participation in the Sochi Olympics was a bit of a surprise as he was added late in January. Plushenko was able to convince Russian officials he stood the best chance of winning a medal for Russia in the men's event.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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