Ex-manager of Lisa Kudrow sues her for $1.7 million

By Shaunice Conyers,

Friends alum Lisa Kudrow is being sued by her ex-manager Scott Howard over claims that Kudrow owes him $1.7 million.

ABC News reports that Kudrow and Howard have been locked in a court battle since 2008, a year after the pair ended their working relationship due to Howard accusing Kudrow of not paying him more than $50,000 in fees from her income from Friends and additional projects.

Howard brought his case to a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday, Feb.19, which was the first day of his and Kudrow's civil trial, claiming that back in 1991, he and Kudrow came to an oral agreement that Howard would be given a 10 percent cut of Kudrow’s salary she acquired or achieved while Howard served as her manager. Kudrow was a major star on the hit comedy Friends for 10 years and started off earning $13,500 an episode, but by the final season of Friends in 2004, Kudrow was earning $1 million per episode for the last 18 episodes.

The Hollywood Reporter tells that Kudrow testified on Thursday, Feb. 20, how she told Scott she would pay him commission only for the first set of residuals and nothing after that. Kudrow stated, "For me it was a small ask." Kudrow claims that her act of gratitude towards Howard would benefit him greatly because the most money is made during the first set of residuals.

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