Fake Italian gynecologist charged with sexual assault

By Victoria Greene,

An Italian man who lured women to him over Skype after claiming to be a gynecologist has been arrested.

The fake gynecologist has yet to be named, but faces sexual assault charges for his crimes. According to the New York Daily News, the "doctor" would ask the women to masturbate after persuading them to engage in a video call.

The man targeted women between the northern Italian city of Bologna and the southern town of Latiano, Puglia for his "examinations" and was busted by a 16-year-old from Latiano.

According to The Local, the "doctor" called the girl, a gynecology patient, and posed as the owner of a laboratory. He told the girl that she had an infection and needed to examine her.

Like others before her, the man managed to persuade the girl to connect to Skype and asked her to touch herself in a sexual manner. It was only when his requests became demanding that she realized something was wrong.

The girl informed her parents and the police of the incident.

While authorities were able to easily find the man, they still do not know how he obtained the phone numbers or medical information of the gynecology patients.



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