Fear of arrest after anti-poligamy laws passed grows in Utah

By Morgan Cox,

A polygamous family in Utah fears they may be at odds with the law.

Joe Darger, the husband of the family, noted that he fears arrest since the anti-polygamy laws have taken effect in Utah.

According to Global Post, Joe first married Alina and Vicki, who are cousins, in 1990. It was just ten years after this that he married Vicki's twin sister Valerie. The members of this polygamous marriage have been open about their living situation for many years. The Dargers published a book in 2011 which was titled "Love Times Three".

"This is a third degree felony... this is serious prison time. My grandfathers were imprisoned, so that was a real impact that we felt," Joe Darger mentioned.

At a December ruling, a federal judge noted that a part of the anti-polygamy law is unconstitutional.

"That's been one of the great things about the ruling -- the decriminalization, and the judge saying basically that the state needs to stay out of people's bedrooms." "As long as it's adults freely choosing what they want, then I don't feel it would be my place to tell somebody else you can't choose to love who you love," lawyer for polygamy cases, Alina Darger explained.

Yahoo! News stated that the number of polygamous marriages in Utah is roughly around 40,000 residents.

The state of Utah is working to ban gay marriage as well.



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