'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie still with Dakota Johnson revealed

By Kyle Johnson,

For Valentine's Day, a movie still of Fifty Shades of Grey was posted online showing Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele for the first time.

The erotic film is exactly one year away and so Universal decided to tease fans with a fairly vague movie still, reports MTV News.

The still doesn't show much except Johnson right outside the door of, what is presumably, Christian Grey's office.

Sources told MTV that the still is of the first meeting between Steele and Grey as she has come to interview the man.

There is a blurry man wearing a suit in the foreground of the picture, which is overlaid with the teasing, "One Year. Valentine's Day 2015."

That is now twice that Universal has decided to not show Grey from the front, choosing rather to focus the shot from behind.

The movie still comes just a day after some minor controversy blew up over the similarities between the first movie poster which is also angled from behind Grey.

People seemed perfectly happy with the new poster until actress January Jones took to Instagram and asked if the photo reminded anyone of a certain AMC ad agency show. Suddenly it was all anyone could see.

image courtesy of FiftyShadesMovie.com



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