Fighting picks up in South Sudan, regardless of cease-fire

By Alicia Mayle,

A peace signing failed, between the South Sudan government and rebels, as the government is accusing rebel forces of going back on their word, and vice versa. So on Tuesday rebel forces took back part of Malakal, which is capital of an oil producing state. In the chaos of fighting, 10 people have been killed.

Army spokesman Philip Aguer said that, “At the moment the force that attacked from the eastern part managed to have some pockets that penetrated into the center of the town," and then added that rebel forces started the attack when they launched a three-pronged attack on Malakal, according to Voice of America.

The military does still control part of Malakal, with it holding on to the northern and southern sections of the town.

South Sudan News Agency reports that, rebel forces demand that Ugandan troops be removed South Sudan, and want political prisoners to be released. Uganda has refused to withdraw themselves from the conflict because of an interest in the new state’s well-being.

South Sudan broke away from Sudan and became its own independent nation in 2011. South Sudan’s President is Salva Kiir.



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