Firefighters save dog from sinkhole in Buffalo, New York

By Michelle Kapusta,

Firefighters in Buffalo, New York rescued a German shepherd from a large sinkhole Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, the 3-year-old dog fell to the bottom of the hole during his Sunday morning walk with his owner.

The Buffalo News reported that the shepherd, named Mack, noticed that his owner was in distress when she fell over what turned out to be a sinkhole and came running towards her.

“He thought something was wrong,” said owner Mattie Moore. “He comes up behind me and falls right in.”

Mack immediately fell more than 10 feet down into the hole while a frantic Moore called emergency personnel for help.

Rescuers arrived on the scene and one firefighter had to be lowered down into the hole to retrieve the dog after he had been stuck down there for about an hour. It was a dangerous task for both parties since water had eroded the soil underneath the Mark's feet, but he was pulled to safety and reunited with Moore.

"It was beautiful thing," she said. "He was wagging his tail, looking at all the people."



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