First trailer for Tom Hardy's 'Locke' released

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

The first trailer for Steven Knight's Locke starring Tom Hardy has been released. It's not a very long trailer, only running at a minute and a half, and it only teases at the plot within.

Ain't It Cool News reports that the film made the rounds at many film festivals last year, and is now slated to premiere in the US and UK in April.

As NME notes, the film's synopsis is sparse and unspecific, involving a "tension-filled, 90 minute race against time."

Those looking for more details won't get them from this trailer, as it's only snippets of conversation spliced with stellar critical praise. But it's intriguing nonetheless, and even the atmosphere in the trailer has a palpable sense of tension.

The film takes place in a single-location - -a car -- as a construction manager, played by Tom Hardy, communicates to several people over the phone, his life somehow unraveling before him. Although other actors, including Olivia Coleman and Andrew Scott are credited, it seems like a one-man show.

That's a big risk, but Hardy seems like a strong enough actor to hold his own for 90 minutes, and early reviews are filled with praise for his performance. Knight is still new to directing but has solid writing credits behind him like Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things.

Locke comes out on April 18 in the UK, and April 25 in the US.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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