First model with wheelchair featured at New York Fashion Week

By Joy Perrone,

Danielle Sheypuck became the first model to ever roll down the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Though the fashion world has been heavily criticized for showing a narrow version of beauty, things may be changing at New York Fashion Week. Model Danielle Sheypuk rolled down the runway at designer Carrie Hammer's fashion show, accompanied by her wheelchair, reports MSNBC .

Hammer explained that she wanted to use "real women" in her show, and that she hopes her move will serve as the "first step in shifting the trend to powerful women and away from gaunt models."

Who is this mystery model? Women's eNews reports that Danielle Sheypuk is actually Dr. Sheypuk, who has used a wheelchair since she was two. Dr. Sheypuck was named Ms. Wheelchair New York in 2012, and can also be seen modeling for The Raw Beauty Project which features high-profile photographers taking sexy pictures of women with disabilities.

Dr. Sheypuk posted this photo to her Instagram, which shows her rolling down a runway:



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