Five homes left without power from winter storm burglarized

By Michelle Kapusta,

Five homes in Pennsylvania that were left powerless in last week's winter storm have been burglarized. An attempt also occurred on a sixth home.

According to WPVI, the thieves took advantage of the homes that were left empty in Lower Merion Township after the most recent storm and robbed them. Authorities believe the robberies occurred on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

The Main Line Times has reported that a burglar alarm alerted police to an attempted break in on Friday where they discovered force to a back door. It did not appear, however, that the suspects ever got into the house and nothing was missing.

Jewelry was taken from most of the other homes involved.

Power outages from Mother Nature’s last storm had forced residents to leave their homes vacant and stay with family, friends or at hotels to keep warm and have light.

Local officials are still investigating and searching for suspects.

Lower Merion is a suburb outside of Philadelphia.



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