'Flappy Bird' creator to take down the game

By Rebecca Walezak,

The recent smash hit Flappy Bird is set to be pulled down from app stores on Sunday.

Dong Nguyen, the game’s creator, stated several Twitter posts that he “cannot take this anymore.” Nguyen stated that 22 hours after his tweet he would be taking the popular game off the charts.

While Nguyen has yet to formally explain why he would be taking away the game, he did complain about the press in another tweet that was posted prior to the announcement.

According to Engadget, many are questioning if the announcement is just a publicity stunt. This would be plausible, as Nguyen spoke to The Verge last week about the possibility of a sequel for the popular game.

Kotaku reports that the app makes tens of thousands of dollars each day for Nguyen. The game, however, has been highly criticized by gamers about numerous topics, including its visual appeal and design.



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