Florida police bust 22 people for child sex sting

By Amanda Levine,

Last week Florida police arrested almost two-dozen people involved in a child-sex sting. The 22 people arrested were found to have targeted children online and solicited the children for sex. An even scarier fact that came out of this mass arrest was the fact that three of the criminals were employees at Disney World.

Naples News stated that police put together an operation known as “Be Mine” and posed as children and parents of children online in order to draw in the predators on chat rooms. Once arrangements were made for the predators to meet them at a home the police immediately arrested the criminals once they showed up.

It was also disturbingly reported that one of the men who worked at Disney World, Joel Torres, brought along condoms with him to the house where he was meeting the undercover cops, who he thought would be a 14 year-old girl.

NBC News received a statement from Disney spokeswoman, Marilyn Waters, who stated that all of the men who worked at Disney World and were involved in the crime have been placed on unpaid leave until the outcome of the charges are released after the court trials.

Florida police were very disheartened over the whole situation. Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders said, “It is somewhat discouraging, but I will tell you as long as those bad guys are out there trying to target our children here in this county we will continue to do these operations.”



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