Florida teacher accused of coming to school while drunk

By Morgan Cox,

Florida teacher Ellen Cougill of Brooksville, Florida, has been accused of coming to school while drunk. She was removed from the school building but she is denying that she was drunk at school.

According to Guardian Liberty Voice, the middle school teacher's blood alcohol level test showed that she was over the state limit which is .08.

Cougill explained that since she is diabetic, the test results were without a doubt inaccurate.

The teacher admitted to the school board that she had been drinking the night before but did not drink anything after midnight. She reported that she is innocent and that she is "humiliated and embarrassed" by the entire situation.

"I know now that I should have called and said, 'Look I'm not going to come in.' It would have been a lot less traumatic," Cougill stated.

According to ABC News, the Florida teacher doesn't believe she will be treated in a fair way.

The school has not yet decided whether or not they will dismiss Cougill.



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