Fordham University hit with mumps outbreak

By Laura Hundemer,

Fordham University reported an outbreak of mumps that has infected 13 students. The school reported cases of the disease present at both the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx and the Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan.

According to the New York Post, every student received an e-mail informing them of the outbreak and advising them to be aware of the situation while interacting on campus.

The infected students have been temporarily removed from the campuses. According to News Week, the university said, “All the students with suspected mumps infections have either returned home or have been isolated from other residents during the infectious phase of the illness.”

The disease is highly contagious and can cause fever, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and swollen glands. Although all students are required to receive the MMR vaccination to prevent against mumps, measles, and rubella it does not provide 100 percent protection against the diseases. The students that became infected had been vaccinated.



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