'The Fosters' Recap: 1.16: "Us Against the World"

By Kelly Sarna,

Callie is in her last group therapy session. The girls say what they’ve learned from Callie. Daphne learned “forgiveness, ”Cole learned that she’s a friend, etc. A final hug is shared.

Callie walks in the door, and is greeted with hugs and from everyone. While Callie is glad to be back, things have changed. She is given a new phone and strict rules from Stef and Lena. She is not surprised she understands that she has trust to gain. The other change: Brandon has moved in with his Dad.

The following morning, they are getting ready for school. For Callie and Mariana this will be their first day back. While everyone is trying to get ready, a few things occur. Jude finds an object in his backpack. It says “And…” on it. Stef opens the door to find she has been summoned to court to testify. One problem: Stef didn’t tell the truth before about what happened the night she got shot. Stef knows that if she reveals the truth, she could lose her job.

Brandon is also getting ready at his dad’s house. While doing so, he bumps into Dani, his dad’s girlfriend? Awkward looks are exchanged and she’s gone. Mike hands Brandon money for his piano lessons. Brandon accepts the cash, but says he wants to take a break. Mike hears him, but when he leaves, Mike makes a call to Brandon’s piano teacher.

At school, Zack asks Mariana to the cast party. She is unsure about the idea, but he insists.

Brandon chats with his friend and immediately Callie is mentioned. He tries to resolve them. His friend talks about a party that’s being thrown (aka: the cast party) and invites Brandon. He also shows Brandon his impressive fake I.D.

During lunchtime, Jude sits with Connor when two cupcakes are delivered. More clues! After explaining about the other one, he says who he thinks is behind this. Callie. It’s his birthday tomorrow and Callie is the only one that knows.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Mariana discuss Mike’s case. Mariana feels to blame because of her biological mom, Anna. She wants to find her, but Brandon shoots down the idea.

Later that day, Brandon sneaks into his room to retrieve money his dad originally gave him. Walking out of his old room, he runs into Stef. The two question why they’re home and go their separate ways.

Jude and Connor return home and are determined to solve this mystery. They find more clues. However, they have no idea.

At school, Mariana runs into Chase and he mentions he’s going to the cast party. Mariana says she’s going (now that she knows he’ll be there).

Brandon meets Anna, and they talk about the case. Brandon knows she hasn’t been truthful about the case. She’s afraid if she tells the truth, her food stamps will be taken away. Brandon slides the money to her. The two make an agreement.

Meanwhile, Stef is being questioned. She tells the truth about the case; that she was not unconscious after all. She realizes what is at stake and she hopes for the best.

At home, Mariana tries to convince Lena and Stef to let her go to the party. They agree, as long as no one drinks and if Callie goes. As Callie heads upstairs, Jude finds her. He’s curious what the clues mean. Callie teases him into thinking she has no idea what he’s talking about; leaving Jude frustrated.

Mike arrives. The case has been dismissed. Brandon leaves the celebrating to make a call to his piano teacher, which Mariana overhears. Brandon claims it’s nothing and she leaves it at that.

Callie and Mariana arrive at the party. Alcohol is being served and way bigger then they anticipated. Mariana goes off searching for Chase while Callie stays. A drunk Talya comes up to Mariana. They hug and Talya finds out about Mariana’s crush on Chase. Talya says she has to be bold. She tells Mariana of a move she pulled on Brandon, that worked like a charm; sticking her underwear into his pockets.

Brandon arrives at the party and meets his friend. He tells him that he has to make $1,000 quickly. The two conjure up the idea of selling fake I.Ds. All they need are Lena’s keys. Eventually, Talya finds him and asks about Callie. He tries to clear up the air between the two, but ends up saying harsh words to Talya. This leaves her hurt.

At another end of the party, Mariana finds Chase and takes Talya’s advice. She walks away with a smirk.

At the house, Stef’s boss pays her a visit. Both Mike and Stef are in the clear. However, they can’t have any mistakes from now on.

At the party, Mariana is waiting for Chase upstairs. Zack comes in before Chase, wondering what she’s doing. Chase appears shortly after, allowing Mariana to kick Zack out. Things don’t go they way Mariana planned. She expected just to make out with Chase, but when Chase unbuckles his pants, she realizes he wanted more. Mariana refuses and Chase storms off.

Downstairs, Talya confronts Callie. She says mean things to Callie, which causes her to storm outside. Brandon sees and runs to Callie. The two discuss how difficult their situation has been. Brandon doesn’t understand how Callie is okay with it. But Callie reassures that it isn’t easy for her either. Back inside, the two find Mariana and they leave.

The following morning, Callie runs into Jude’s bedroom with a present. The clues were the last sentence of Hansel and Gretel, their favorite book as kids. Jude is ecstatic. But he realizes that he never received the last word: happiness. Callie says, “It’s downstairs, silly.”

Downstairs, the whole family is in the living room with a birthday cake and balloons. Callie shows Jude one of the balloons has “happiness” written on it.

While the birthday festivities are going on, Brandon steals Lena’s keys to the office.

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