Fox Business announces ‘Strange Inheritance’ primetime program

By Kyle Lubelski,

On Wednesday the Fox Business Network confirmed a new primetime program called Strange Inheritance, set to begin summer 2014.

Fox Business reports that the show will begin production in February, and will feature “real life stories of unconventional inheritances,” according to executive vice president of the network Kevin Magee.

The show will be produced by Jonathon Towers, who has worked on other reality shows like History Channel’s Gangland and A&E’s American Justice. Magee commented in the show’s release statement that Strange Inheritances will appeal to a new generation of viewers.

“A venture like Strange Inheritance helps us diversify our primetime programming. Its eccentric premise is a compelling option for a business audience after hours.”

According to Value Walk, FBN’s Tracey Byrnes is set to host, and executive director with FOX News Channel documentary unit Brian Gaffney has been promoted to oversee production as Director of Special Programming.

FBN is headquartered in New York but has bureaus in major cities all across the United States, reaching over 70 million viewers. The network is owned by 21st Century Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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