'General Hospital' Weekly Recap – Week of 1/27-1/31

By Sari N. Kent,
Kevin had Franco arrested when he came to him for help proving he was innocent of hurting Carly, Dante caught Nathan comforting Lulu, Anna learned that Duke was working for Sonny, Alexis and Julian had a steamy run-in, Morgan broke it off with Ava, Robert left Port Charles to help out Holly and Ethan and Victor Cassadine turned up alive and well at Robin and Patrick’s house!

Lucy iced Scott’s face in his hotel room after Mac punched him. She realized that Felicia told and worried that Mac would tell Kevin everything. Scott didn’t think so and told Lucy that he woukdn’t stop seeing her.

Nathan arrested Silas outside of Kelly’s. Rafe Jr. approached and Sam stopped him from going with Silas and urged him to stay at Kelly’s by promising him that everything would be okay. She then accompanied Silas to the PCPD. Then, Molly showed up and Rafe Jr. told her about Silas’ arrest. He then told her that he was worried about who he’d live with if Silas was in jail and added that he wished he knew the charges. Then, TJ chimed in that the charges could be murder considering Silas’ brother was a serial killer. Molly was appalled at TJ’s unfeeling comment. Rafe Jr. replied that TJ’s family wasn’t perfect either and brought up that Shawn accidentally shot TJ’s dad and was now a mob hit man. Rafe Jr. then added that he knew they were both at the warehouse shootout and TJ demanded to know how he knew about that. TJ then realized that Rafe Jr. was the one who told Anna he was there.

Julian warned Morgan in his room that Sonny might be angry enough to kill him, and that he’d already shot Dante and Michael. "Looks like it’s your turn kid," Julian told Morgan. Julian then added that he thought Sonny would want payback at any price. For instance, Julian was angry enough to kill Duke. He then went on about how Duke was always a coward hiding behind his “police commissioner girlfriend” and that it was time for Duke to pay. When Julian left, Morgan told Ava that he wanted to quit, but Julian threatened his family. Morgan then left to see Sonny, but refused to take the gun Ava tried to hand him and told her that he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. They then expressed their love for each other and kissed goodbye.



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