'General Hospital' weekly recap: Week of 2/17-2/21

By Sari N. Kent,
Luke and Scott were finally rescued from Miscavage, Michael went to Sonny for advice about whether or not to forgive Kiki for lying about Franco, TJ and Molly made plans to have sex for the first time at The Metro Court, Robin told Patrick and Emma that she had to leave Port Charles, Nikolas proposed to Britt, who then confessed almost all to him about Ben and Sonny discovered that someone has been bankrolling Julian’s organization for years!

In her apartment, Obrecht screamed at the phone and missed her “funny Valentine.” Later, Victor showed up with some chocolates. She wasn’t pleased so he offered her some emeralds instead. She put her nose up at that as well and asked him to find out what happened to her Faison because she was sure something was amiss. Victor replied that he didn't understand her interest and then dropped hints that Robin would be disappearing again. Obrecht then called Robin an “irritating twit” who loves being contrary. He then explained that he had given the doctor the chance to revive Jason. She was pleased that he had made use of the information she had given him. They then contemplated ruining the Scorpios and then she got flirty. They then dug into the chocolates.

Brad arrived at Felix's place with red and white wine. They smooched and then Brad gave him a CD of his favorite music. Moved by this, Felix felt bad and confessed that the paternity test wasn't for the cops but for him and Elizabeth. Felix then added that they didn't tell Brad because they were afraid he would tamper with the results. Felix then said that the paternity test showed that Dante was Ben’s dad. Felix then wondered if Brad had known this all along. Brad then confessed that he did know... not only that, he knew a whole lot more!

When Nikolas got to Wyndemere, Britt explained that there was something that she needed to tell him about Elizabeth. She backtracked and then just told him about her stealing the hairbrush. When she went off to get ready for dinner, Nikolas showed the ring he got to Ben. When Britt returned, she found the ring waiting on her plate. He then dropped to his knees and popped the question. Britt broke into tears but said she couldn't. Slowly, she told him about the paternity test that Elizabeth ran, finally explaining that Dante was Ben's father. Nikolas hoped she wasn't aware it was Dante's sample she used to get pregnant. She blamed everything on her mom and insisted that she didn't know. He replied that he was sure that they could work things out with Dante and promises that no one would take Ben away from her.

Elizabeth arrived at Dante and Lulu's with news about Britt. Lulu said that they already knew that Nikolas was proposing to Britt. After hearing that, Elizabeth had to sit down. Lulu talked up Britt and Elizabeth began to look increasingly uncomfortable. Dante suddenly got a call and had to run off. Lulu then asked Elizabeth if she was still in love with Nikolas, but Elizabeth denied that and insisted that Britt was just “a nightmare.” Elizabeth then listened as Lulu talked about how she couldn't handle Dante having a baby with another woman.

At GH, Carly sat by Franco's bedside and begged him to wake up. After she yelled, his eyes opened and she called a doctor in. He told Franco to rest and then left. Carly then reminded Franco of what happened to him and told him that she was on his side. Then, Carly remembered about Luke and called Dante over. When he arrived, she told him about the two guys who came after her and knocked Luke out before dragging him away. Then, Dante left. Carly then rested her head on Franco and he told her that this was all his and his mother's fault. She then assured him that he was nothing like Heather.

Back at Lulu and Dante’s, Elizabeth decided that she had to leave without telling about Ben, but before she could, Dante barged in with news. Yet, before he could tell Lulu about Luke, Nikolas arrived.

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