'General Hospital' Weekly Recap – Week of 2/3-2/7

By Sari N. Kent,
Lulu was surprised when Nikolas told her that baby Ben and Dante have the same allergies, Kiki helped Franco escape custody so he could search for Carly, the Wyndemere catacombs collapsed on Heather and Carly and AJ remembered seeing Ava at Crimson the night Connie was murdered!

At the PCPD, Nathan brought Dante coffee as an apology for overstepping his boundaries the previous night with Lulu. Dante admitted that he and Lulu were making headway but the case was getting in the way. They watched Kiki speak with Franco in a holding cell and tried to figure out what they were going to hold Franco on since there was no body. Inside, Kiki told Franco that she was sorry that she couldn't prove Heather was framing him. Franco replied that he was sure that she didn't see Heather at the Institute because he killed her. Kiki then jumped up and yelped. Could the knife the police have be the one he used on Heather? She then started considering that maybe she didn't really see Heather and asked him to tell the police, but he refused. He then spotted a paperclip on the floor and asked Kiki to hand it to him. Outside the room, Dante read a note from Heather in Franco's bible and learned Heather didn't like her son's association with Carly. Dante wondered how it ended up in his hands since Heather was locked up? Then, Dante's latex allergy acted up as he was removing evidence. Suddenly, Kiki rushed out of the holding cell yelling about how much she hated Franco. She then faked passing out while Franco removed his cuffs and was almost out the door but Dante caught him. Franco told him that he had to find Carly and rushed out the door then Dante shot!

Lulu found a rash on Ben's arm at Wyndemere. Then, a freezing cold Nikolas walked in and told her that he didn't find any Chupacabras.

Meanwhile, outside, Heather forced Carly into to the Wyndemere catacombs and tied her to a pole.

Back inside, Nikolas showed Lulu the huge knife he did find in the stables.
In the catacombs, Heather went into a full-blown panic attack after realizing Nikolas has her knife. “What am I going to do?” Heather asked. Back inside, Nikolas and Lulu pondered how the knife got there and then Lulu told him about Ben's rash. Nikolas told Lulu that was an allergy to latex and Lulu chuckled because Dante has the same allergy. She then laughed about the irony when Nikolas fills her in on all of the other allergies Ben and Dante shared.



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