'General Hospital' Weekly Recap – Week of 2/3-2/7, Page 6

By Sari N. Kent,
Lulu was surprised when Nikolas told her that baby Ben and Dante have the same allergies, Kiki helped Franco escape custody so he could search for Carly, the Wyndemere catacombs collapsed on Heather and Carly and AJ remembered seeing Ava at Crimson the night Connie was murdered!

Meanwhile, Felix checked his phone for news on Carly when Brad approached with a rose. Brad told him that he regretted not kissing him good night on their date, but just as he leaned in Sabrina rushed up. Brad and Felix then made plans for later. When they were alone Sabrina told Felix that she told Patrick the truth about the baby. He offered to cancel his plans with Brad so he could be with her when she told Carlos. Meanwhile, Brad got a call from Lucas, who was upset and wanted to see him tonight. Brad told him that he was going to be with Felix. Later, Lucas ran into Brad when he came to refill the prescription and told him that he knew where to find him if he was sick of life in the slow lane with Felix. Later, Felix canceled his plans with Brad. Lucas went to Elizabeth and handed over Dante’s prescription. Elizabeth realized that Dante and Ben have the same allergies and seemed to put two and two together. Then, Brad and Lucas ran into each other at the elevator and decided to grab a drink.

Britt cleaned up Wyndemere and sees the door to the catacombs was open. Obrecht denied having anything to do with it and told Britt that she was ready for a home. "Make room for mutter," she said. Britt refused, but Obrecht threatened to tell Nikolas about Ben.

In the catacombs, Carly tried to free herself. Heather returned to the catacombs with the knife but ran into Victor. He told her that he was Victor Cassadine and demanded to know who she was. She told him that she was part of the staff and dashed off. When Heather got to Carly she didn’t realize that Carly had gotten herself loose. She then lunged for Carly, who kicked the knife out of Heather’s hands and threw her to the ground.

Back upstairs Victor joined Britt and Obrecht. He was incredibly happy to see Obrecht and Britt left them alone. Obrecht told Victor that she agreed to give him info on his family and Jason for her freedom. He told her that the only thing else he needed was her and that he was ready to worship her the way she has always deserved.



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