'Geordie Shore' star Vicky Pattison receives community service after an assault charge

By Amy Michura,

Vicky Pattison of the U.K. television series Geordie Shore received community service after she spent a night drinking to get over relationship troubles.

Pattison, 26, had lashed out last July after she had ice thrown at her at Florita’s Bar in Newcastle. She believed that model Hannah Kelso, 18, had thrown the ice, so Pattison then threw her stiletto at Kelso, hitting her beneath the eye, despite the seven-meter distance between the two. Kelso needed four stitches.

According to Chronicle Live, a probation report stated Pattison had “10 pints of alcohol and shots of spirits” before the attack had taken place.

The BBC reports that Anthony O’Donohue, who defended Pattison, refuted this claim. He stated that although she had drunk a “considerable amount,” Pattison had not had 10 pints.

The trouble didn’t end there as she also allegedly fought against the security guards when they attempted to pull Pattison out of the situation.

Pattison admitted to two counts of assault and was ordered to pay £4,000 to Kelso, £750 to the club security staff member whose lip she cut and £1,500 court costs.

Pattison also received 180 hours of community service as Judge Forster acknowledged her remorse of the situation.



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