George Clooney continues mission of ‘The Monument’s Men’ in modern Europe

By Kyle Lubelski,

This week while promoting his new film The Monument’s Men, writer and director George Clooney called on host nations Britain and France to return works of art to their respective homelands in Greece and Italy.

According to The Associated Press, Clooney commented on the Parthenon Marbles being held on exhibit at the British Museum. The 2,500 year old friezes have been in British possession for 200 years, while the other marble pieces obtained by the Vatican and the J. Paul Getty Museum have been sent back, to which Clooney feels Britain should do.

"There are certain pieces that you look at and think, that actually is probably the right thing to do."

UPI reports that Clooney made similar remarks about the return of the renowned Mona Lisa while visiting Italy, which has been in France since 1797. "The Mona Lisa" hasn’t been on display in Italy since 1913, although in 2012 a government organized petition circulated to bring her home for a 100-year anniversary.

The Monuments Men is a film about a U.S. led mission to protect works of art in World War II. Notable stars are George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman and Bill Murray.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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