'Hart of Dixie': Act Naturally Episode Recap

By Katherine Robles,
'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 Episode 13

In Monday's episode of Hart of Dixie our favorite doctor Zoe Hart has a birthday coming. She is staying rent free in the carriage house back at Lavon's while the house they bought is getting fixed. Zoe's lovely boyfriend Joel, although knowing Zoe dislikes having birthday parties, convinces Zoe to let him throw one for her. It would be a small party thrown at Lavon's with her friends and her family the Wilkes.

Joel had asked Lavon if he could use his house for the party. Lavon, who had made it a point during breakfast at his house, needs his friends because his heart is hurting over his break up with Annabeth. Annabeth like Lavon is also hurting, staying in her pajamas all day and eating break up pie and ice cream. However when she gets the invitation to Zoe's party being held at Lavon's, she calls Cricket and takes her earlier offer on rejoining the Belles to keep distracted.

The next day, Zoe's birthday, she wakes up to breakfast in bed made by Joel. With boxes still surrounding most of the carriage house she moved back in she can't see the person, but can hear their voice clearly. Knowing it's her mom, Zoe turns to Joel hoping that he didn't invite her. When Zoe's mom comes into the room, she announces herself. Her mom came to Bluebell on her own because she never received any invitations for Thanksgiving or Hanukkah; so she decided to come to see her only daughter and take her out to dinner. Zoe, not really excited about this, asks Joel to cancel the party.

However when Zoe leaves to show her mom the house that they bought and Joel leaves for Calvin's they both run into situations. Joel doesn't have the heart to cancel the party after seeing all that Lavon has done. Putting the party together distracted Lavon and put some life back in him. Zoe and her mom run into Wade, who ends up getting slapped by her mom. Then at the house Zoe runs into Wade's dad Crazy Earl who was never told about Zoe and Wade's break up.

Zoe's mom isn't happy about the house or that Zoe seems to be liking Bluebell a lot. Later on Zoe comes up with a plan after Joel tells her, "you're not Mrs.Doubtfire." The plan was that Zoe would leave dinner to help a patient, attend the party at Lavons, then leave the party on the pretense that Joel was sick, but really go back to dinner with her mom in time to blow out the candles.

When time for the party comes that plan doesn't seem to work. Zoe's mom seems to get irritated and more impatient every minute Zoe is gone helping "Shula." Meanwhile Zoe is getting stuck at her party because Crazy Earl came to meet Wade's new girlfriend (Zoe's cousin Vivian). However Earl says that he doesn't like Vivian because Zoe was great for Wade. While with Earl, Annabeth confronts Lavon on how great she is and how Lavon should know that. When Wade comes to take Earl home Zoe goes to leave, but is stopped by Lavon. Lavon asks if something is wrong with him, because everyone seems to leave him.

At the restaurant Zoe's mom seems to get even more impatient. Joel mentions Shula and Shula who happens to be sitting not far from them turns around and speaks to them. Zoe's mom looks at Joel a bit disappointed in the fact that he let Zoe drag him into her plans.

Back at the party Zoe tells Lavon that nothing is wrong with him. Lavon doesn't really believe her. Zoe tells him that he would be doing more harm if he stayed with someone or married someone that he didn't really love. Lavon feels better about that.

Zoe then calls Joel, she tells him to stop lying and to come to the party with her mom. However while she is walking around the house she hears Joel. Turning around she sees Joel and her mom. Her mom is disappointed, but doesn't say anything. Zoe introduces her mom to Vivian and her other Wilkes cousin. Zoe's mom gets along with them and she goes with Vivian to meet the rest of the Wilkes family.

Although everything seems fine with Zoe 's mom, Zoe is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The next day Wade takes Vivian to meets his father. To his surprise his father Crazy Earl is sober and dressed nicely. He welcomes both Vivian and Wade with a smile into his house.

Zoe meets her mom for breakfast. Her mom mentions not letting the Wilkes family win. Zoe doesn't understand what her mom means by it, until her mom explains that she would be coming to Bluebell to live as well.

Joel comes into the restaurant. Seeing everything he asks what is going on. Zoe's answer is, "The other shoe."

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