'Helix' Recap: 'Survivor Zero'

By Brian Brown,

Day 7 begins just where Day 6 ended because everything interesting on Helix happens at exactly midnight.

Ilaria, the corporation behind the research base has sent a team to take over when Balleseros failed to check in with them. Heading this team is Constance Sutton. Alan and Sarah meet up with Constance after agreeing that their sex was meaningless and simply "biological". Constance immediately puts on a friendly face and tells Alan that she will do anything she can to help. Alan says that he needs Julia back and Constance agrees. Later, Alan tells Sarah that he is suspicious, and she says that they should withhold the cure from her when they find it.

Once Constance is alone with Hataki she turns around completely and throws a literal book at him, then grabs him by the throat. She says that they need the virus and the cure because they only want to kill some of the people. She says that after everything is said and done they will eliminate all witnesses.

Outside in the "white room" Balleseros and Anana ride a snowmobile to the base, with Balleseros still handcuffed. They stop to camp in a shack, where they learn more about each other, like that Balleseros is Brazilian and that Anana was afraid of the bogey-man.

Down in Level R Julia looks over her newly cured body. She finds that she has trouble seeing and has intense eye pangs. She bandages her eyes while talking to the lingering hallucination of Peter.

Constance puts on her cool boss act to ask Daniel about Julia. Daniel doesn't tell her anything so she tries to win him over by warning him about Hataki and offering Daniel his father's job. Daniel then snitches to Hataki, who doesn't seem concerned. He is more worried about Julia. He says that if Constance gets to her she will kill her. Then we are shown Constance's hardcore dental routine, which involves power tools.

Alan tells Constance that he wants to be included in Julia's rescue. She is reluctant but allows it when he tells her that if he doesn't go then no one does, because apparently he has that kind of authority.

Anana and Balleseros arrive at the base and are greeted by Daniel. Balleseros, still handcuffed, advances to him with violent intent but he is quickly subdued by the security team. Anana embraces her long lost brother, but he obviously doesn't remember her and pushes her off. She shows him a picture of his twin Tulok, which he dismisses as the work of Photoshop.

As Julia adjusts to her blindness a vector breaks through the door. Julia hides until the vector leaves. She takes off her bandage to check that she is gone, then finds herself face to face with the vector when she comes back. Julia backs into a corner, but her eyes flash silver and the vector runs away.

Hataki returns to his office where Constance has gone through his things, including a locked drawer. Her eyes also flash silver before she leaves, then Hataki goes through his secret tunnel.

Alan prepares to go down to level R when security bring Balleseros by. Alan goes on the offensive, but is held back. He tells Constance that Balleseros killed Doreen, and she promises that he will pay. When she is alone with him she slaps him and tells him to call her Ms. Sutton. She is angry that he failed to deliver the dirt on Hataki that she wanted. She slaps him again then straddles him and they kiss. He asks to be uncuffed and refuses because it would damage her alliance with Alan.

Hataki returns to Julia in pain on the floor. She tells him about the pain and vision problems. He applies new bandages to her eyes as he fights back tears. He warns her that Julia will kill her and begs her to leave with him.
Alan, Constance and the rescue team take the elevator down as the bass line from "Fever" by Peggy Lee plays. They are soon attacked by Vectors, and several members of Constance's team are taken. Alan says says he won't leave without Julia so Constance puts a gun to his head. He attempts to call her bluff so she threatens Sarah as well and he submits.

Back upstairs Anana tries again to convince Daniel that he is her brother. She tells him about the other missing children. He says he remembers them at the base, but doesn't know what happened to them. After he seems to be convinced Hataki and Julia return and the reunited siblings confront Hataki. He gives Julia a pair of contact lenses before she is escorted out by Daniel's team.

When the elevator returns from the isolation floor Constance tells alan to get back to work and that Julia is either dead or converted into a vector. He then finds her in the lab and the two embrace as Sarah watches from behind the glass. "Fever" begins to play again and elsewhere several vectors drop down from the ceiling.

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