'Helix' Recap: 'The White Room'

By Brian Brown,

After killing Doreen, Balleseros has taken to being villainous full time. He kicks off day 5 by pouring gasoline over the frozen monkey graveyard and lighting it on fire. He then sends a message to his employers that he is ready to leave, but they inform him that he still needs to find a previously unheard of Dr. Hvit. As Balleseros begins to return to the base, he hears the screams of thawed out dying monkeys.

In the lab, Alan talks science babble with Duchamp, the doctor who has been working with him on Peter. Alan has found a way to slow down the virus, but he wants to test it on rats first. For that he needs Doreen. Sarah wakes up from her morphine nap to the moans of her secret patient. Sarah tells her she will bring back more morphine, and in the meantime to think about baked goods to ease the pain.

Daniel finds Balleseros looking through Hataki's computer for Hvit to no avail. Daniel tells him that there is no Hvit and aggressively requests that he get out of Hataki's chair. Balleseros then questions the strength of Daniel's relationship to his adopted father and compares it to a gang that recruits child soldiers.

Downstairs Julia is trying to get back in with the rest of the people in isolation, but Jaye says she just wants to escape from the mysterious initials on the wall. Julia insists she could not have put the initials there and that they must be a hallucination. Jaye says it couldn't have been a hallucination because she saw them as well. She also calls her Jules, a nickname only used by Alan and her mother. As Jaye is foreshadowing the fact that she doesn't exist Hataki approaches after leaning on his own knife.
Alan finds Doreen's body and a rat comes out of her mouth, because a crushed and bloodied, rat-nibbled corpse wasn't creepy enough. Daniel guesses that she had a heart attack, but Alan suspects murder.

Julia says that they need to take Hataki to a lab on the other side of the base, but Jaye thinks its too far. Julia introduces Hataki to her imaginary friend and he seems confused but plays along for the most part.

Daniel and Alan check the security tapes of Doreen's lab on the computer Balleseros was using earlier. He obviously deleted the footage but Alan says he will get answers by conducting the autopsy. After he leaves Daniel finds a recording that Balleseros missed of him going into the lab.

Balleseros goes to Duchamp for answers about Hvit. He says Hvit is still on the base but no one has seen him since he developed a rare immune deficiency. He says Hvit has become an urban legend, with rumors that he is in the white room. He adds that "we are all in the white room." When Balleseros leaves Daniel pins him against the wall and tells him that he knows what he did.

Meanwhile, Sarah returns with morphine but finds her patient dancing in the hallway for Tony, who is not there. She then lapses into vector mode, but snaps out of it before she does any damage.

Hataki, Julia and company find that the path to the lab is littered with broken glass. In the autopsy room Balleseros asks about Doreen's personal life. Alan finds the needle mark on her neck, proving that it was murder.
Back in Sarah's bedroom the secret patient begs for death so she won't become a vector, but Sarah refuses. She takes a hit of morphine right before Alan knock on the door. He tells her that Doreen was murdered and comforts her. They kiss and Alan realizes that she is high. She tells him that took something for a migraine, but he sees through it and berates her. Later she agrees to euthanize her secret patient.

While Julia is doctoring Hataki's wound in the middle of the hallway they are approached by a vector. They escape but have to leave Jaye behind. Julia asks about the scars she saw while bandaging Hataki and he tells her about losing his daughter in a house fire.

While Alan is going through Doreen's research, Balleseros tells him that Hvit was helping her. Alan goes to Daniel, who points suspicion at Balleseros. They search his room and find the evidence he clearly made no effort to hide. They see a message about the white room and Daniel disappears. He goes outside and leads Balleseros right where he wants to go. Alan asks Duchamp about the white room. He says that it is an inside joke about the snow. This is a major reveal and means that Syfy won't have to spring for the rights to the Cream song.

Daniel arrives at a pole in the ground. He puts his hand over it, causing columns with frozen heads to rise, including the head of Hvit. Balleseros comes up behind Daniel, knocks him out, and takes Hvit's head.

Back in the isolation floor Julia and Hataki escape another vector with help from Jaye. Jaye makes an offhand remark that Hataki was lying about his daughter, which causes Julia to realize that Jaye is a figment of her imagination.

Alan goes outside and confronts Balleseros. Alan punches him so Balleseros knocks him down, cuts his tether and leaves him to die. Turns out being a heroic scientist isn't much help against a trained, corrupt soldier, but it is a good guarantee of survival. Alan makes his way back to the base while Daniel kills Balleseros with a pick ax and takes back Hvit's head.

While Alan is being nursed by Sarah he agrees to listen to what she has to say, and she sticks to the migraine story. Alan then goes to the comatose Peter and asks his brother for help maintaining hope. Then Peter shows brain activity and a Helix episode ends on a high note for the first time.

image: Syfy



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