Rockport High School places ban on yoga pants and leggings

By Morgan Cox,

Rockport High School in Rockport, Mass. is now enforcing a new dress code policy to restrict students from wearing yoga pants and leggings to school.

According to Fox News Insider, more than 20 high schoolers were sent home on Friday to change their clothes after protesting the new rule.

School administrators of Rockport High School claim that the clothing is "distracting," but the female students believe they are being targeted with this recent addition to the school policy.

"I don't appreciate having to be responsible for a boy paying attention or even being told that it's my responsibility to not distract someone with my body. I don't like being objectified in that way," said student Aidan Wright.

“I think it’s really unfair and really unnecessary,” said sophomore Laura Budrow.

The Eagle Tribune noted that the school has created a committee of parents, administrators, students and teachers to review the dress code. As of now, the school is not enforcing the "no leggings" policy as strictly.



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