Highway shooting victim’s final words to 911 dispatcher released

By Michelle Kapusta,

Police have released the final words of a highway shooting victim’s 911 calls to the public and hope that someone has information that will lead to his killer.

The Bangor Daily News reported last month that Timothy Davison was traveling from Florida to his home in Maine when a Ford Ranger pickup truck in Maryland started chasing him. Davison called 911, but his call was dropped, so he called again when he crossed into Pennsylvania.

A portion of the 28-year-old’s call was released to Fox News.

Operator: "OK. Were you the one that called about the Ford Ranger, right?"
Davison: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. The one that just hit me."
Operator: "What do you mean -- they hit you? Hit your with a car or ...?"
Davison: "Yeah, smashed me with the car. Pushed me across the median."

The rest of the call was not released. Davison was later found in his vehicle, at that median, shot to death.

Investigators have not been able to track down the killer or come up with a motive, leaving some to wonder if the murder was random.

Anyone with information is asked to call authorities in Pa.



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