Holly Hagan reveals strange way she shrinks her waist

By Amy Michura,

UK television personality, Holly Hagan, plans to shrink her waist - literally.

The Geordie Shore star showed Heat the way she achieves her “perfect Nicki Minaj look.”

The way Hagan achieves this is through corseting. The star wears a crazy tight corset for 23 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Hagan’s reasoning behind the practice is Kim Kardashian.

“Everybody loves Kim Kardashian’s [waist],” Hagan told Heat. “So I looked into it and corsets work perfectly as you can see.”

In the video, Hagan’s waist shrinks from 31 inches to 26 and a half inches. She explains it’s a great way to shrink your waist and not have to worry about dieting.

The process can get a bit painful, Hagan admits, because the corset is so tight that it constricts the individual wearing it and it can get a little difficult to breathe. However, in her opinion, she’s decided that the end result is worth it to get that hour glass figure.

Hagan also admits that there is potential your ribs can move as well. However, with the amount of traveling she does and how uncomfortable that would be, she doesn’t use her corset for those extreme practices.

“Yeah, it moves your ribs if you do it too often. But it isn’t dangerous. I only want to lose a bit- don’t think it would touch the organs,” Hagan told Heat. “I don’t do it to the extreme.”



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