Homeless man arrested for sleeping in patrol car

By Morgan Cox,

Portland police officer Rich Storm was surprised when he went to his patrol car on Tuesday morning. Upon approaching the car, the officer heard someone yelling and when he opened the door he found a 30 year old man who had decided to make the backseat his bed for the night.

After getting inside of the unlocked car, the man was unable to get back out so he decided to write the world “Help” on the window, which according to authorities, read “pleH” from the outside.

"Once you shut that back door, you're essentially in a cage," Sgt. Pete Simpson stated.

The Oregonian noted that the man had also taken it upon himself to explore the patrol car. He tore foam padding from the roof lining of the car and from around the seats. He also went through the officer’s belongings which were in the glove box and unhooked the mobile data computer from the car.

According to Yahoo! News, the man has been arrested under charges of criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.

Sgt. Simpson made note that the incident of the unlocked car was “likely an oversight” and that on a normal occasion, patrol cars should be locked at all times.



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