‘House of Lies’ recap- ‘Soldiers’

By Ricky Riley,

In this episode of House of Lies, Marty and Dre (Mekhi Phifer) tighten their friendship and continue to go through with their plan of removing Lukas (Tip T.I. Harris) from Dollahyde. Clyde attempts to make up with Marty, who is still mad from their falling out.

The episode begins with Marty getting ready for a game of golf with Dre and Lukas. Then his dad’s really young girlfriend walks out of the room in nothing but a shirt and underpants. Roscoe knows who she is. He has met her before but Marty has not. This scene shows some of the family dysfunction Marty has been experiencing.

The meat of the episode focuses on Marty and Dre’s character. Marty has grown close to him because he wishes he had a family and life as perfect as Dre has. Roscoe is going through a gender and sexuality exploration period that Marty has failed to understand. Dre has a wife and two perfect kids. He is living the American dream. Lukas grew up with Dre but Dre is willing to breakup Dollahyde into a clothing and sneaker company. Lukas will get the less lucrative sneaker company while Dre lives happily ever after. This move was all planned by the Marty, Jeannie and Doug.

Meanwhile, Doug is still not sure if he wants kids. So he does the only rational thing he can do is stopped himself from climaxing during sex. He discusses this issue with Jeannie but she could care less. However, the greatest piece of advice Doug gets comes from Clyde. So Doug finally decides to let go and have a family.

In the last subplot of the episode, Clyde realizes that working for Monica was a mistake so he gets a wealthy heiress to be a client for Marty. It is implied that the two may have slept together. At the same time Monica is fired because the junior analyst that stabbed her was related the treasury secretary of the management firm. With these things going on around him, Marty decides to take Clyde back and he even offers to help Monica find another position.

Overall, this was the best episode of the season so far. Mekhi Phifer and T.I adds so much to this show. Their characters show the different degrees of success in African American culture. Lukas is “hood rich”. He is abrasive, loud, and just don’t give a damn about how people perceive him. Dre is the complete opposite. He really cares about how people perceive him and he cares about keeping his social status. These two characters play off Marty’s character perfectly. Marty and Roscoe are really have a hard time understanding one another. In this episode that misunderstanding comes to a dangerous head.
House of Lies airs on Showtime.

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