Identity of Lil' Kim's unborn child's father revealed as rapper Mr. Papers (Report)

By Gina DiFalco,

The gossip surrounding who could be the father of female rapper Lil’ Kim’s unborn child is underway since she debuted her baby bump for the first time over the weekend at a New York Fashion week event.

She said she would be keeping his identity a secret, but that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating.

First it was considered that boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was the father, since he was the last person she was publicly linked to.

However, according to The Mirror, rapper Mr. Papers, who Kim dated in 2012, is rumored to be the father. He was inundated with congratulatory tweets in the days following the announcement she was pregnant.

The aspiring rapper has even retweeted articles posted by the media that claim he is the father. He also retweeted a message from one of his friends that reads, “Congrats to @MR_Papers!!! He gave Kim what she wanted for years. I'm so happy for both of them.”

When someone else wrote, “Congratz on the royal baby!" he responded, “royal is a good name for the lil homie.”

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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