Imagine Dragons break Billboard Hot 100 chart with 'Radioactive'

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Imagine Dragons are taking a moment to celebrate their success with their recent Grammy Awards and hit single, “Radioactive.”

Lead singer Dan Reynolds recently told the Associated Press, "People are still saying, `Who are Imagine Dragons? Like, why do I keep hearing this name? I think it is a pretty strange thing to live in this day and age where we're selling all these records and it's all going well, and we have still kept some anonymity. I think, in our case, it's something we kind of cherish."

It’s been a stellar year for Imagine Dragons. The band, originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, became known after Night Visions, their debut album, climbed the charts. Billboard said that Imagine Dragons was The Breakthrough Band of 2013.

They have won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance for “Radioactive” and performed at the awards ceremony. “Radioactive” has stayed on the charts for 77 weeks, breaking the record for the longest Hot 100 run, according to Billboard.

Reynolds, 26, said he’s still a bit overwhelmed by the success of it all. The band is looking towards the Into the Night Tour in 2014. They completed the Night Visions Tour in 2012-2013.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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