Indian woman and baby burned to death

By Elaine Alluin ,

A young Indian mother, Annu Devi, was burned to death while breastfeeding her daughter by her husband Gunjan Masat.

CNN reports that the motive behind the malicious attack was likely over the woman not paying a dowry, something that is banned in the country, though many find ways around the law.

Police superintendent N.K. Mishra said that Devi’s birth to her daughter could have been another factor to the attack.

He said, "That could be a factor. But it was mainly for dowry. Her family has said in their complaint she was harassed for money and other things."

Raghuni Rana, Devi’s father, said the couple were happily married for more than a year, but problems arose after she failed to give birth to a son.

Daily Mail added that Masat was arrested for allegedly dousing Devi and the baby with kerosene and setting them on fire.

The baby instantly died from the attack whereas Devi passed away from the injuries in the hospital. Masat allegedly moved the Devi’s severely burned body closer to the fire to make it appear that she accidentally set herself on fire.

Police have reported 8,233 women were murdered due to dowry deaths in 2012.



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