Inmate breaks out of prison to see his girlfriend on Valentine's Day

By Rebecca Walezak,

An inmate at an Arizona jail broke out to see his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Authorities first noticed that Joseph Andrew Dekenipp was missing when he didn’t come back to his cell after recreation time.

Dekenipp scaled two walls and crawled through skin-tearing wire to see his girlfriend on the special day. CBS News reports that police picked up the prisoner a few hours after he got loose at Gallopin’ Goose Saloon and Grill where he and his girlfriend had just met for their date.

According to WPTV, police tracked Dekenipp using K-9 units and asking locals if they had seen the inmate. Dekenipp did not fight police when they arrived to take him back to the prison.

Dekenipp was taken to the hospital to treat his wounds from crawling through the wire before he was taken back to the prison. On top of his original arrests, he now faces an escape charge. Dekenipp has a court hearing on February 25.



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