iPhone explodes in student's pocket and causes injury

By Morgan Cox,

A 13-year-old student from Maine is now suffering from first and second degree burns after her iPhone exploded into flames while in her pocket.

The Maine student was reported to have been sitting in class when she heard a strange noise come from her pocket and saw the smoke coming from her pants.

According to Yahoo! News, two of the students who were in class with the girl hurried to assist her while others went to find help to put out the fire.

While trying to help the girl out of her pants, the iPhone fell out of her pocket.

The cause of the incident is unknown at the time, but this isn't the first time such an unusual situation occurred.

KRBE wrote that in 2011, an iPhone burst into flames while on a flight. There are also reports of iPod Touches that have burst into flames during flights in the United Kingdom, as well as in Holland, France, and Sweden.

The girl was taken to a local treatment center and has since been released.



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