Iranian filmmaker discusses the US

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Kamran Shirdel is a filmmaker from Iran visiting the United States for the first time. The 75-year-old is opening up about politics and what it is like to be an Islamic filmmaker.

He speaks passionately about easing tension between Iran and America. "We are talking about human beings, not about countries, borders," he said. "Good, intelligent, sensible artists still exist."

The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh has sponsored his trip. Shirdel’s films are known to be “eye-opening’’ for filmmakers not accustomed to seeing the politics and culture of Iran. His movies have been shown at the 2013 Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Shirdel, who documented the Iranian Revolution, has looked at political moves from the past.

Shirdel told the Associated Press that he’s "not an enemy of America.” Instead, he believes in cultural exchange.

He founded the Kish International Documentary Film Festival. It is the only film festival of its kind in Iran.

image: By Mostafa Azizi (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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