Jackass star Steve-O fakes seizure at coffee shop causing a needless 911 response

By Gina Masilotti,

Jackass star, Steve-O is known for involving himself in dangerous pranks - it's what he's made a living off of - but this time the prank involved the public in a way that isn't funny at all. The former TV star and three of his friends decided to fake seizures in a coffee shop in West Hollywood, and the L.A. Fire Department (LAFD) were not happy about it at all.

This prank caused a 911 emergency and put everyone in the Coffee Bean in a panic. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the four guys faked simultaneous seizures and customers who witnessed this happening called 911, which had cops and paramedics rush to the scene. The police are not please at all with this prank and believe that faking something so serious should be illegal, but since Steve-O and the three friends were not the ones who made the 911 calls, they can not be prosecuted for making a false report to authorities. The ones who did make the calls were just doing what they are supposed to do in a situation like this.

Captain Jamie Moore of LAFD told TMZ, “The L.A. Fire Department frowns on his action that impacted public safety."

He also said that he will be contacting the Jackass star, his lawyer and his publicist to let them know how dumb the prank was and that it put the police and fire departments' lives in danger. Any of the ambulance cars or fire trucks could have gotten in accidents while rushing to the scene, and somebody who could have been in serious need of an ambulance could have died because their ambulance didn’t get there in time due to this prank.

TMZ also got a video of the prank, where you can see Steve-O and the other guys going into spasms and foaming from the mouth while everyone around them hurries to frantically call 911.

Steve-O told TMZ himself that he couldn’t agree more with what the cops are saying about this stunt because it should be illegal. But, he refuses to take responsibility for it. “This ‘seizure prank’ wasn’t my idea or my operation,” he said. “And I agree it was a real stinker. The stunt provided an invaluable service by exposing a glaring shortcoming in the laws.”

Maybe this time Steve-O will learn his lesson but this isn’t the first time he’s done something as drastic as this prank. LAist Daily reports that in October 2013, he uploaded a video of himself talking to a cop after he was lying on a sidewalk covered in fake blood. Maybe this will stop the Jackass star from attempting pranks that could actually be viewed as very serious issues, but who knows.

Here is the video of his previous run in with the cops for pulling a prank.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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