The Jamaican bobsled team returns to the Olympics with a new theme song (Video)

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
After 12 years, the Jamacain bobsled team will compete in the 2014 Olympics

The Jamaican Bobsled team will appear in the 2014 Winter Olympics and already have a one-up on the competition — they have their own theme song.

After a 12-year break, the Jamaican bobsled team returned and made sure to do so in fashion. Any child or parent of the 90s will remember the movie Cool Runnings and its loosely tied plot to the Jamaican bobsled team debut in the 1988 Olympics, as reported in USA Today

It was time for a new theme song.

Written by Sydney Mills and John Notard, the theme song has a reggae feel to it and is naturally called, “The Bobsled Song.” It was particularly planned to sync with the bobsled course in Sochi, according to Bleacher Report

If the song isn’t enough to capture your attention, make sure to view the video that resembles an eight-bit video game of the team at work. The detailed video includes Marvin Dixon and Winston Watts in action on the 1,500-meter course.

The new theme song might not top the one from Cool Runnings but it sure comes close.

Watch the video below:



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