January Jones notices 'Fifty Shades of Grey' poster’s similarity to 2010 'Mad Men' poster

By Daniel S Levine,

January Jones is one observant actress. The actress noticed that the Fifty Shades of Grey teaser posted looked awfully similar to a four-year-old poster for her show, Mad Men. She took to Instagram to point it out to fans.

“Does this look familiar to anyone else?” she asked, posting a picture of the poster on the side of a building. She added the hashtag “madmenpostercirca2010.”

The Fifty Shades poster was unveiled late last month and shows Christian Gray staring out a giant high-rise window at the Seattle skyline. “Mr. Grey will see you now,” is the tagline on the poster.

Jones is right. It does look strikingly similar to a poster AMC used for season four of Mad Men, notes E! News. The poster showed Don Draper (Jon Hamm) staring out a giant window at the New York skyline, with a telephone on the floor. Of course, Draper is in a different post and has a cigarette in his hand, but the similarity is striking.

Fifty Shades the movie hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015, while Mad Men’s final season will begin in April. AMC has split the season in two, so the show won’t end until 2015.

image courtesy of FiftyShadesMovie.com



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