Japanese whaling ship collides with protester ship in Antarctica

By Amanda Levine,

It was reported that a boat collision took place in the icy waters of Antarctica between a Japanese whaling boat and an anti-whaling protesting boat.
While no one was injured, both parties are blaming each other for the accident that took place.

The Huffington Post reported that the protest group, Sea Shepherd, claimed that the whaling vessels got too close to their boat, The Bob Barker, and crashed into it. While on the opposite hand the Japanese boat, Yushin Maru No.3, claimed that the protester’s boat was far too close and hit. The overall collision resulted in Bob Barker’s bow and anchor being damaged and Yushin Maru’s railing and hull damaged.

The Washington Times released a quote from Bob Barker’s captain, Peter Hammarstedt claiming that “It was an unprovoked attack and they did so ruthlessly.”

While on the other hand, the Japanese Fisheries Agency released a statement that said, “Our research whaling is a legitimate activity allowed under the international treaty. Sea Shepherd's violent sabotage against it, which is threatening the lives of the Japanese crewmembers and causing damage to our ships and equipment, cannot be tolerated.”

The Japanese claim that they participate in whaling for scientific purposes, but many protesters go against that claim and go on to say that Japan goes whaling mainly for selling whale meat as food.



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