Jeff Tweedy of Wilco tapped to appear on 'Parks and Recreation'

By Kyle Johnson,

Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy has been cast to appear on NBC's Parks and Recreation this season in the spring.

According to Entertainment Weekly, who first reported the casting, Tweedy will play the lead singer of a rock band famous around Pawnee that is possibly looking to get back together.

Executive producer Michael Schur said of the character and episode's plot, "He plays the former lead singer of a band called 'Land Ho!' - complete with exclamation point; Tweedy's pitch - that was very popular in Indiana a while back."

Schur added that Leslie and Andy go meet up with him as they look to convince him to reunite with Land Ho! and play for their upcoming Unity Concert. Tweedy's character isn't especially receptive to getting back together, though.

As previously reported, Parks and Rec fans got some disheartening news on Friday when it was learned that the lock Leslie and Ben left on a fence in Paris had been cut off and taken.

Adam Scott was disappointed by the lock being stolen and tweeted simply, "this is sh***y."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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