Jennifer Lawrence presenting at the Oscars

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Along with being an Oscar nominee, Jennifer Lawrence will be presenting an award at the Oscars. Lawrence, who starred in the Hunger Games, will be the first presenter of the 2014 ceremony.

ABC reported that Lawrence was most likely going to attend the ceremony because she was nominated as best supporting actress for her work in American Hustle.

Lawrence is no stranger to the Oscars. Last year, she won for best actress in 2013 for starring in Silver Linings Playbook, also directed by David O. Russell. She also famously tripped up the stage while on the way to accept her award.

The X-Men star was also nominated back in 2011 for her work in Winter's Bone, The Independent added.

Lawrence is known for being very open and humorous with the press and even made a joke about her fall while going up to receive her Oscar. "You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell, that's really embarrassing," she said.

The Oscars will be taking place on March 2, and Ellen DeGeneres will be returning to host the awards. The last time she hosted the award ceremony was in 2007.

image: Lionsgate



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