Jennifer Lawrence thought BAFTA win was prank

By Marie Blake,

Jennifer Lawrence admitted that at first she thought her BAFTA win for best supporting actress in American Hustle was just a prank.

WENN reported that Lawrence, who was busy shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past, did not attend the BAFTA awards, so when she heard the news that she won for Best Supporting Actress, she thought it was a prank.

"So there I was, in the middle of being painted blue, and someone said, 'You just won the BAFTA!' And I said, 'Oh, go [expletive] yourself!' And then it turned out they were serious," Lawrence told Deadline.

Lawrence also revealed that she forgot the BAFTA's were even taking place at the time.

"Oh, it was a big surprise. I didn't remember that the BAFTAs were happening that day," Lawrence said. "I certainly did not think I was going to win one so I put it out of my mind."

The Los Angeles Times reported that Lawrence, who was recently featured in the latest Dior ad campaign, will be attending the Academy Awards on March 2. She will also most likely be wearing another Dior gown.

Lawrence has been with Dior since 2011 and has signed up for another three more years.

Image: NBC



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