Jerry O'Connell spoofs Shia LaBeouf's '#IAMSORRY' exhibit with '#IAMSORRYTOO'

By Gina DiFalco,

Jerry O’Connell has created a spoof of Shia LaBeouf’s art exhibit "#IAMSORRY” called “#IAMSORRYTOO.” It is located right next to the Nymphomaniac actor’s space for a Funny or Die skit.

O’Donnell modeled his exhibit after LaBeouf’s, letting guests choose from a table of random items. He’s there wearing a paper bag over his head that reads “SUPER FAMOUS” as opposed to LaBeouf’s statement “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.”

On Wednesday, Funny or Die’s Twitter page tweeted:

"He's getting people talking. I'm all for this artsy gallery thing. It's fun to parody because all I have to do here is sit with a bag on my head, crying, and saying, 'I sowwy.' But I have to tell you; it's freeing to continually apologize like he does. I get it,” O’Donnell told BuzzFeed of LaBeouf, saying he used his friend Jensen Karp’s art space called Melrose 1988 for the spoof.

O’Donnell also joked he feared LaBeouf would catch wind of the spoof and storm over there, causing a scene and trying to pick a fight.

Saying he’s “known to fly off the handle,” O’Connell said, “I just need fair warning if he comes storming in here for a bagged man on bagged man fight because I can’t see out of this paper bag. I’m sweating like Shia in an apology booth in here. I just need warning to take cover. ”

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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