Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith perform old school dances on the 'Tonight Show'

By Lola Odejobi,

Last night’s premiere of the The Tonight Show was the first time the show was hosted by its new host, Jimmy Fallon. His first guest on the show was Will Smith and they danced to '90s hip-hop together on a skit called, “The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.”

According to E! Online, Smith and Fallon performed moves such as “The Cabbage Patch,” the “Running Man,” “Robot” and the “Pop and Lock."

The duo wore overalls and printed tees. They even did the famous dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “The Carlton.” Will Smith’s co-star from the show, Alfonso Ribeiro, didn’t make a cameo.

Fallon has performed his dancing routines with Justin Timberlake and first lady Michelle Obama on his previous show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
According to CNN, last night’s premiere had many surprise celebrity guests including Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson, Kim Kardashian, former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani and many others. Also, the Roots and U2 performed together.

This is the first time that the The Tonight Show has been in New York since 1972. Jay Leno was the host for 22 years until Fallon took over on Monday.

Image Courtesy of NBC



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